Starting Your 2024 Embroidery Journal!

Starting Your 2024 Embroidery Journal!

Let's get started with our 2024 Embroidery Journals!

Whether you have my sold out book, Embroidery Journal, or you are waiting for a restock and eager to start your hand-stitched journal hoops now, this is a great resource to get you started.

What is an Embroidery Journal?

It is a fun and unique way to record your year through embroidery. You can either stitch a small icon every day for 365 days, or a few times a week, or month! You can keep the stitches super simple, or more detailed. It's totally up you. It is a great way to learn embroidery as a total beginner.

It's also an opportunity to practice mindfulness, gratitude, and creativity, celebrating the beauty of the every day as well as your big highlights, without a huge time commitment. And it's so rewarding to see your hoop at the end of the year. 

"All of those small snapshots make one big, beautiful piece of artwork: your life."
-Embroidery Journal

What Do You Need?
If you don't have the kit yet, you will need:

1. A 10-12 inch embroidery hoop
2. Embroidery Needles - I recommend multiple sizes so you can figure out which is the most comfortable for you!
3. Cotton, cotton twill, or linen fabric
4. Heat erasable or water soluble pen (I prefer heat erasable)
5. Ruler (for setting up the hoop)
6. Scissors - I recommend small ones as they are more comfortable!
7. Embroidery floss! I recommend the DMC brand

You can find the hoop, fabric, needles, and more on this list

Month and Number Fonts

While my book features 2 of my favorite fonts, here are some fun free fonts you can use for your month names and numbers, or feature words. Input them into your preferred word doc, and trace onto the fabric (or use your own handwriting!)

How to Set Up Your Embroidery Journal

1. Freeform

The cover art of my book, featured here, depicts a free-form Embroidery Journal. You put your year ("2024", etc) in the center and fill it with words, ideas, and little pictures  without any structure. This method can be nice if you have months or weeks where you have more you wish to record since you aren't bound to uniform areas.

2. Classic Pinwheel

Example (Credit: Where the Smiles Have Been)

This is definitely the most popular method of Embroidery Journaling, and the design I will personally be using for 2024. This layout features a 12-section pie chart. You label each "pie piece" with the month, and place the year or word of choice in the center. 

Here is a link to a free pie chart. You can trace in the center of your hoop and use your rule to extend the lines to the edge of the hoop.


3. Calendar 

Example (Credit: Stitch Doodles)

For this design, you will put your year, or word/phrase, at the top of your hoop and create a calendar of 12 squares to fill with your monthly embroidered journaling. Again, make sure to use a ruler and plan out the size in advance before tracing.

4. Get Creative

Here are some examples of journalers who made up their own creative designs for the year. Sky is the limit!

Like this road map created by Emma Norman

This pinwheel by Stir Crazy Crafter

Or this unique spin on the pie chart by Sarah Ahiers.

5. Extra patterns to get you started!

Whether you have an Embroidery Journal book and would like more detailed, additional resources or are waiting for the restock, I am creating monthly themed tiny embroidery patterns and add-on tiny embroidery patterns you can use for your hoops!

Find them here!

Tiny Embroidery Link

And you can follow along at @iamemilyjune on Instagram as I will be filling my own 10 inch hoop this year and documenting the process. 

Hope your year is as creative, mindful and fun as embroidery is!

Emily June 

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Bonjour, j’aime beaucoup votre broderie avec une finesse des détails. Je regarde avec attention votre site merci encore. Je suis Française Je traduit vos textes pour tout comprendre. Belle journée à vous.


Getting started on my journal. It would be helpful to learn with stitches you used for the icons. I am brand new to embroidery and need a lot of help! Thank you for creating this journal!

Kristen Ellis

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