Easy DIY 3D Ghost Tutorial

Easy DIY 3D Ghost Tutorial

Here is a fun, unique fall and halloween craft featuring fuzzy, fluffy 3D ghost art! This can be done in about an hour.

Here is the full craft supply list of what you will need to get started:

Wool roving yarn
Black peel and stick felt
Embroidery floss
Velvet ribbon
Fabric of choice 
Embroidery hoop 

Now onto creating! Here are the steps:

1. Add your fabric to your embroidery hoop, making sure it is nice and tight.

2. Take your wool roving and pull it apart into half width. It will pull apart easily!

3. What your desired size of ghost, double the length of roving, then fold it in half and place on your fabric. In a matching embroidery floss color, put in a few stitches to secure the roving. (They should disappear easily into the texture).

4. Secure by passing hoop through stitches on back and knotting.

5. Trim any unevenness from the bottom of your ghost.

6. Cut two small ovals per ghost on your hoop, peel off the back, and stick in place. 

7. You can leave your little ghosties here, or use velvet ribbon to add cozy scarves.

8. If adding scarves, find an embroidery floss color that matches your desired velvet ribbon, and make a small stitch on the backside of one end of the ribbon, making sure it is tucked slightly under your ghost.

9. Repeat on the other side of the ghost to secure, then take the remaining length of floss and either cut it short and make a small stitch securing it straight out from the ghost, or twist it once and make a small stitch just past the twist in the velvet ribbon.

10. Feel free to experiment!

11. Style with your favorite fall or halloween shelf decor! This little craft is easy, quick, and unique and requires no prior skill.


Full video of craft process here:


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